“Gentle, inspiring, articulate, fun, transformative, wow!…”
These are all used to describe Sue’s work as a reader, a teacher, and as an energyworker.

Sue Burton Hidalgo

“Hello and Welcome to The Illuminated Self web site! My name is Sue Burton Hidalgo. Like a lot of people, I was very open psychically as a child. I saw the spirits of those passed over, remembered past lives, and saw nature as a collection of living, communicating sources. In the late 70’s, I began to have ‘awakening’ experiences. I knew I needed to be doing something with my life. My process of opening increased through prayer, meditation, study and experience. Practical efforts plus heartfelt prayer led to clear inner vision and an ability to traverse the planes of heaven. Other extrasensory senses quickly developed—the ability to intuitively feel, hear, and to know. I developed the ability to see people’s auras, to see and know things about their health, their emotions, their mental patterns, their destiny.

Sue Burton Hidalgo

Quickly I realized being psychic didn’t automatically make me a whole person, nor did it increase my spiritual clarity. I began an active program of exploring the field of personal growth, working to heal my self and attending classes in counseling. I studied extensively with successful healers and therapists. My psychic life readings and healing sessions always focus on self-development and empowerment —the ability to live your life with choice, clarity, and happiness. As a visionary I have taught in 38 states and several foreign countries; I live in the Detroit area. I’m a Christian minister, a teacher of several therapeutic modalities, founder of the North Carolina Academy of Healing Arts, I am also a part-time faculty member for Irene’s Myomassolgy Institute in Southfield, Michigan.”

Sue is listed in Llewellyn Publishing’s “The Complete Book of Psychic Arts”
and Bantam Books’ “The 100 Top Psychics in America”.

Services available: telephone readings, personalized art & jewelry
Healing Sessions in person and absentee, classes
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